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10 Things I Learnt From Sex and the City 2


The Sex and the City sequel hasn’t exactly achieved the greatest rep in its two weeks of release. But we here at The Yorker always think you should aim to find the positive in everything, which is why one of our writers wrote up a list of the 10 most important things she learnt from the more than 2 hour experience.

10. It is fine to cast Alice Eve, an English actress, as an Irish nanny. So what if she has an atrocious accent? England and Ireland are practically the same place anyway. Her breasts do most of the talking anyway.

9. All gay weddings involve swans. And Liza Minnelli.

8. Hot nannies always turn out to be lesbians, making it convenient for Charlotte to laugh off the fact that she has such a lack of trust in her husband.

7. Pointing and laughing at a Muslim woman eating French fries in a veil is acceptable.

6. Half-naked, tanned muscular rugby players simply cannot jump into a swimming pool without being in slow motion.

5. It is a great idea to base a 2 hour 26 minute film around the following ideas:

  • Charlotte is worried about being a mum
  • Miranda’s boss doesn’t like her
  • Samantha is taking hormone pills
  • Carrie doesn’t like the fact that Big bought a TV for their bedroom

4. Simply by being older and not wearing ’80s clothes, Carrie can hail a taxi with ease.

3. Patronising Abu Dhabi is acceptable. Gee, look at this giant swimming pool!

2. 4 middle-aged women singing ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ in a nightclub is not embarrassing, but a reason for celebration and admiration.

1. There is always a gay butler.

Originally published on The Yorker 7th June 2010


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